HEAD Sport Sea Vision Full Face Snorkeling Mask


Brand: HEAD


  • Full face mask allows you to breathe naturally and effortlessly underwater.
  • Dry top snorkel stops water from entering in your snorkel.
  • Breath ventilation system automatically defogs your mask.
  • Wide crystal clear 180º field of view so you see the underwater world from all angles.
  • Purge valve at bottom to drain water when your head is raised

Details: Explore the oceans coral reefs with this next-generation all-in-one mask and snorkel. Designed to help you breathe naturally through your nose and mouth, the refined air flow and advanced purge valve system ensures optimal comfort, easy breathing, and fog-free undersea panoramic viewing while eliminating the need for a snorkel mouthpiece. It really is the perfect mask for surface snorkeling! Eliminating the need for a snorkel mouthpiece, this Full Face Snorkel Mask has an integrated dry snorkel tube at the top of the mask that stops water from getting into the mask. The large diameter, single chamber snorkel tube with innovative multi-purge valve technology allows air to be easily inhaled and exhaled comfortably and naturally. Fresh, dry air is continuously directed across the inner surface of the mask, preventing condensation from forming and reducing fog providing an amazing panoramic view of the ocean.

Binding: Sports