Sunbeam 12" Wave Activated Diammable Slim LED Cabinet Light 3 Pack Canada AP29

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Sunbeam 30810554 12 INCH. Wave Activated Easy to Install Plug in Energy Saving Dimmable Ultra Slim Led Cabinet Light (3 Pack), 12", 3 Piece

This is the Canadian Version of this item

  • Fast & easy installation: takes minutes to install using either double sided strips or mounting screws provided
  • No hard wiring: no need for an electrician; unit simply plugs in
  • Wave activated sensor: integrated wave sensor turns units on/off with an easy wave of the hand, 4” (10cm) of the sensor zone. Light will also dim, when hand is held under the sensor
  • Sleek & cool: ¼ inch ultra slim profile and cool to the touch
  • Multiple location use: kitchens, workshops, utility rooms, home office, shelving, Recreational vehicles and campers, boats, storage room